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Choice Unlimited Ceramic Window Tint (1)

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All window tinting services are performed by highly skilled window tint specialists who have been recognized and honored in the Hall of Fame community. We exclusively utilize the top-tier window film "Choice" endorsed by the "National Skin Cancer Foundation" to guarantee exceptional results in the state of Texas. Our commitment to excellence is further exemplified by our unwavering confidence in our services, as we provide a
lifetime warranty for all our customers.

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 Choice Window Tint Film Facts

Choice Unlimited Ceramic Window Tint (1)

Superior Heat Rejection

Hall of Fame Detail's Choice Window Film Absorbs 95-99% of IRR Rays, These Infrared Rays are What Makes Your Car Hot. Save Gas & Energy Year Round!

Highest Clarity

The multi-layer nano construction in "Choice" provides ultra high performance without reducing outbound visibility. This means no weird green or purple glares when looking out your windows.

UV Ray Protection

Using Choice Film Provides benefits For Skin Care & Protection. 99%+ of UV Rays are Rejected for a Lifetime of Protection From The Sun's Rays

Using Technology is a Breeze

Choice Window Film in No Way Interferes With Your Phone's or Radio's Signal. Enjoy Your Entertainment at All Times.

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Transparent Low Price, For The Highest Quality Tint!

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